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In 1876, the Kawamura family was murdered by an unknown perpetrator. Since then, their mansion has been left untouched, forgotten like the murders that took place there.

Such a place is perfect for the horror challenge that seven high school students partake in. But that which seemed like a harmless game with friends quickly turn into something much more sinister.

Take on the role of Haru and help him keep himself and his friends alive by uncovering the secrets of the Kawamura mansion.

Install instructions

After the download is completed, unpack the downloaded exe-file. Choose where to unpack the game. Go to the new folder and select the Game-program to play.

Toggle fullscreen by pressing alt + enter.

Thank you for downloading Kawamura Mansion!


Kawamura Mansion.exe 220 MB


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I'm kinda embarrassed to ask, as it shows how little I know of PC gaming (total newbie), but I'm "stuck." On my way to meeting the group downstairs, Haru says "What was that?!" and the freaky alien creatures are seen roaming the rooms, which when  getting close to lead in "Bad End." I almost got to my destination before one got me on 2 retrys but failed. Is it possible to get past them at this point, or is it a guaranteed game over? If the latter, any spoiler free hint to tell what I must do prior to this, as I don't think I made any "choices" that would change the ending? Is it a special room order?

Sorry to be annoying, love the game so far and the characters especially, I feel like I'm really failing them at the moment though!  

Hi! No need to be embarrassed, I know the demon can be tricky...

It is possible to get past the demon, but it is difficult. The key is to run (hold shift while moving) and know where you need to go. In this case, I assume the place you need to go to is the room right next to the stairs on the bottom floor (which you probably already know). It is especially important to run and know where to go after the group has gathered downstairs, since the demon will be even more difficult to avoid later.

As for why the demon has appeared, it indicates that you have begun a certain ending of the game. To get a different ending, you will have to gather certain items throughout the mansion before things get too bad. There are six of them that are essential to getting another ending.

I'm really glad you enjoy the game so far. And don't be afraid to ask for help again if this wasn't enough!

Thanks so much! (and apologies for not getting back sooner, busy month.) I'll try a bit more then, but if I can't pass I'll "backtrack", though that will take a bit of time since I didn't save properly (when I get immersed in a story I easily forget to save, I never seem to learn.)   Your response was a neat surprise for me and gets me quite excited to continue the game, perfect timing since I have a cold to wait out atm.

No pressure or anything, but I eagerly wait your future game projects, I'm definitely addicted to story and character rich games like this, and I'm quite intrigued by ideas/ stories you'll explore later on

Btw, unless you'd rather not say/ think it's better for players not to know (fine by me), are there more than 2 endings (my bad end and what I assume to be a "true" end as the 2 I know of?) I tried to check but the page didn't say as far as I could see (again, fine with me if that was done for experience/ non spoiler story/ other reasons and no pressure to tell me!) 

It makes me really happy that you enjoy the game! I'm working on a pretty large project right now, so hopefully I'll have some updates about that in a couple of months.

As for the different endings, I haven't thought about stating how many there are, but I don't think it's a spoiler. The game has two halves which have their own endings. In the first half of the game, there are five endings: two good, two bad and one true ending. The second half of the game, which can only be accessed from one of the good endings, have a few player decisions that alter the ending.

I hope you enjoy your playthrough!

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I honestly adored this game, especially the second portion and all of the background that it gave us. The atmosphere that you set up, the tension that could be felt when looking around each corner, waiting for the silence to be broken. All of your characters felt pretty realistic, especially Haru and Yukio. 

Oh, Yukio, I could go on about him and how attached I became to his character over the course of the game. I would adore a future project featuring him and his future after the game, honestly, he is just such a honey and deserves more happiness.

In conclusion, I would like to say that you have crafted a story that I thoroughly enjoyed and that I'll surely recommend.

Best of luck in all of your creative endevours!~

Thank you so much for your lovely comment!

Knowing that people enjoy the game makes all the hours put into creating it worthwhile. I'm especially happy to see someone enjoy the second part of the game. (And yes, Yukio does deserve more happiness...)

Thank you once again!

~When a game makes you want to laugh and cry at some parts, and you generally aren't very emotional, you know it's good.~

Hi, I've been having a problem with the game.  After the scene where Mark tells them a scary tale of the place in the dinning area, I went out of the door to the right and it was black. I can move and check doors but everything is black.

Another player contacted me about that issue earlier and I have uploaded a new version of the game where the issue should be resolved. I suggest you re-download the game and everything should work the way it is supposed to. If not, please contact me again and I will try to fix it.